Sunday, July 24, 2011

Of Course Marriage Makes a Difference for Gays!

Sunday, July 24, 2011

To celebrate the first day that same sex couples can marry in New York, I am going to republish a piece I did when we were fighting against Prop 8 here in California. Next year San Francisco! It's a red letter day!

Among my Canadian gay friends, 100% are in stable, loving relationships; among my States-side gay friends, I used to be able to say somewhere in the range of 4-5% were married, but now, sadly, that figure is more like 2% as I recently heard of the divorce of some dear friends after 25 years as a couple.

As soon as marriage becomes a real possibility, apparently gay men—at least in greater numbers than one might have supposed—have simply said, "Of course. There is no reason to deny us any of the fundamental rights given to most other men and women."

Instead, here in "the land of the free," burdened (or should I say “cursed”) by the myth of humankind’s fallen state, we are left to throw stones at one another for being more or less sinful, for being hypocrites, for having an “essentially disoriented” nature. Living as an under class, we are susceptible to all the ills of having to make do, to prove ourselves, to justify our loves and our emotions.

Thanks to my friends Bruno and Josetxu from Spain for the great photograph. They will soon be married in a civil ceremony in that Catholic country, and have, obviously, created their own blessing for their relationship from On-High. We can, and, will create our own blessings. Please join me in sending this couple our best wishes. May the Blessings of All the Universe shower on them!


Anonymous said...
Has the Dalai Lama lost a few pounds? He's looking great.
LOL. I agree. We should all do so well when we're his age. :)
Hi, about gay marriage, it make a difference for gay guys. I am glad to see more and more gay couple to be accepted by the crowd and even could have welfare as a real couple, for instance, marriage, religion and law. The fact of getting a marry for gay guys should be put into a important position to discuss. Although I agree that, I know there are still some problems behind. although although ..., I am also glad to face and sovle them one bye one. However, this article is a good news for me. They both brave others by being a couple. They look sweet, and it touches me. With my blessing to them. :)