Bob Hoffman & the Quadrinity Process

At the outset I warn the reader that though I have tried to be as objective as I can be, I find it impossible to take a entirely disinterested position with regard to my own process and a difficult friendship. My experience with "the Process" was long and personal. I was Bob's on-again, off-again friend from the time I first worked with him in 1972 until his death in 1997. I have tried to include all the aspects of our relationship. When Bob was generous towards me, it came with expectations—most of which I was unwilling to fulfill. It was a bumpy road.

I first experienced the Fisher-Hoffman Psychic Therapy when Bob formulated the group process under the guidance of Claudio Naranjo in his Berkeley SAT groups. I remained connected to the Process after Bob's death as a staff person at the Hoffman Institute.

The men in the picture are Claudio (R) and Bob (L). Though I never ever saw Bob wear a tee shirt, the text on Naranjo’s website confirms that it’s Bob. So, as a salute to their collaboration I am including it.

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