The Enneagram & Claudio Naranjo

Of all the "pioneers" in the human potential movement, I have the highest admiration for Claudio Naranjo and his work.

What is the "Real Work" of the Enneagram?
Claudio Naranjo in Berkeley 1971-1976
November 03, 2006
I have been personally engaged in the study of the Enneagram since 1972 when I began four years of intense personal work in Claudio Naranjo’s SAT group. Until now I have only spoken privately with friends about the proliferation of books, teachers and controversy about the Enneagram. In all the hubbub, I hope that the real value of this work is not lost or diluted to the point that it becomes no more than an interesting curiosity.

The Enneagram, Muddied Roots, Psychobabble, Inoculation
May 11, 2007
Berkeley, California 1971-1976
Fact or hearsay about the Enneagon/Enneagram’s Sufi origins
Mr. Gurdjieff’s use of the Enneagram
The difference between Ichazo’s Enneagon and the work of Naranjo
Some really far flung theories
What can you do with any of this material? What does it have to do with self-discovery?
So, what are the signs and effects of this sloppy thinking?


Enneagram Bibliography
An extensive list of books in print + some url's, CD's, and DVD's
Updated and revised 11.28.09
I created this database using online resources as well the recommendations of Enneagram students. I have included books, studies, DVD’s, tapes and other materials that deal primarily with the Enneagram as it is presented in the West plus materials from the Gurdjeiff sources which might be of interest to the Enneagram enthusiast.