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Tommy D, "the boy as pretty as the girl next door"

May 22nd, 2010

I can't let these pictures Of Issan and some of his friends sit on my computer's hard drive out of sight. They were, I think, a gift from Del Carlson to the Hartford Street Zen Center. Jeff Thomas scanned them and sent me digital copies. I found a few others in various and sundry places.

Issan and Del Carlson in Santa Fe

This is the earliest photo of Issan I found. I'd recognize that face anywhere.

He shaved his head.

He wore a dress and did his hair.

He was never afraid to share the spotlight.

Issan and James

Shunko Jamvold, Del Carlson, Angelique Farrow, Steve Allen, Issan Dorsey

To read more reflections about the life of Issan, see some photographs, read his dharma talks, go to my Record of Issan page.

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