Saturday, March 18, 2023

The Dirty Secrets about the beginning of the Hoffman Process

I have just finished a long piece about the Fisher-Hoffman Process of Psychic Therapy and my sexual abuse by Hoffman. I intend for it to be part of a larger spiritual memoir, but that will be at least a year out. I have divided it into two sections that are more web-friendly. It is a frank discussion about Hoffman’s sex abuse and my own story about being his victim. Whether or not it is relevant to the current Hoffman Process offered world wide by the Hoffman Institute International is not for me to say.

New Age Miracle or Fraud

The chapters in the first section:

Called to Jury Duty



Who I was

The Seekers After Truth meets the First Hoffman Group Process

No Better than a Ouija Board

The Long Ride Home

The chapters in the second section:

Metatron, Interlude with an Archangel

Debunking The Big Lie

The Sad Demise of Bob Hoffman


Moving towards a Conclusion

Jonestown and our Deliverance from Cults

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